Don't bother looking for basic or intermediate photo courses here. If you are looking to learn advanced photo techniques or conceptual ideas, SOAP is the place to be! We bring photographer further.


Our instructors are the heroes of the school, for they are the ones who will bring the lessons to life and change your perspective to photography. We have the best professional photographers in Singapore (and overseas) represented in SOAP.


How do I sign up? How do I pay for the course? Where is the venue for the course? Find out the answers to all your frequently asked questions here!


School of Advanced Photography (SOAP) is Singapore's first and only photography school that employs only professional working photographers as instructors. Our goal is to alleviate the standards of photography education in Singapore, so photography enthusiasts can learn first-hand from working professionals about the craft of photography and understand the workings of the industry. Most of our courses are catered to more advanced levels of photography, so if you are an advanced enthusiast or you dream of being a professional photographer, SOAP is the place for you.